Forget 'The Social Network'—Facebook Loves Zuckerberg

Love your company? Love your boss? Bet you don't love them as much as Facebook employees love their company and CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Mark Zuckerberg
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Mark Zuckerberg has listed the Best Places to Work for 2011, and Facebook comes out on top. The social networking behemoth beat out last year's winner, Southwest Airlines, which fell to second.

Facebook scored 4.6 on a scale of 5, and employees also gave Zuckerberg a whopping 96% approval rating (either that, or Zuckerberg logged onto Glassdoor under a zillion different names to praise himself).

What's so great about Facebook? One person claiming to be an operations engineer there writes on the Glassdoor site, "The job is all about cooperation, not competition. The Facebook culture, office design, and management styles all support this."

One year ago, Facebook didn't even make the list.

Glassdoor says the awards "rely solely on the input of employees, who provide constructive feedback on their work environment and senior management throughout the year via an anonymous survey." The winners are chosen based on employee views about work/life balance, opportunities, communication, compensation, respect, and morale.

After Facebook and Southwest, rounding out the top five are Bain & Company, General Mills (where CEO Ken Powell had a perfect 100% employee approval rating but the overall company only got a 4 out of 5), and Edelman. See the complete list here.

The list is top-heavy with consulting firms, like Bain, or Boston Consulting (#6), SAS Institute (#7) or Slalom Consulting (#8). In a showing that may surprise some journalists, came in ninth place, as energetic CEO Patrick Byrne landed a 92 percent employee approval rating.

As for financial firms, Goldman Sachs leads the pack at #17, just behind Trader Joe's. Lloyd Blankfein garnered a whopping 97% employee approval rating, equal to Steve Jobs! Both Goldman and Apple won an overall rating of 3.7.

Speaking of Apple, it was the second highest-rated tech company behind Facebook, coming way back in 20th place, two spots higher than a year ago. But Google came in 30th, down from 14th last year. Ouch.

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