Lloyd Blankfein: The Next de' Medici?

Many architectural purists consider Goldman Sachs' new headquarters in lower Manhattan "totally foregettable."


Still others sniff at the $1.8 billion, 43 story tower renders the bank "completely invisible." Which, perhaps, is exactly what the bank hoped for.

But according to CEO Lloyd Blankfein, the glass and steel temple of commerce is really just a place to hang his art. Turns out, the walls of 200 West Street are lined with millions of dollars worth of paintings, including one Julie Mehetu on display in the lobby that cost five million dollars.

Lloyd was overheard bragging to one extremely powerful hedge fund manager and renowned contemporary art collector (Richard Prince, Cindy Sherman, Andy Warhol among his acquisitions) to the penny what the canvas costs.

"Guess how much?" "Three?" "No." "Four?" "No." Blankfein flashes five fingers, says "Five….Five!" and breaks into a big wide grin.

Somewhere in Brooklyn, an impoverished artist is dreaming of nabbing the next Goldman commission.