Relax: Lots of Other People Are More Depressed Than You Are

Thomas Carlyle famously called economics 'The Dismal Science': But finance, it turns out, ranks only 9th in the Depression league tables.


This according to a new report by

Whether coming in 9th—at anything, really—is cause for rejoicing, or for deepening your depression, depends largely on your perspective.

Let's compare finance to other professions. It turns out that Nursing Home & Child Care is the most depressing way to earn a living. Eleven percent of those employed in this field report a "bout of major depression".

In the rankings, nursing home and child care is followed by these careers: Food services, Social Work, Health-care, Artists & Writers, Teachers & Admin., Maintenance & Grounds workers and, finally, Financial advisors and accountants.

Good news: You're slightly less depressed than grounds workers.

Nonetheless, I'm guessing if the study had been done in, say, March of 2008 financial services would have been at the Top of the Pops.

The insights provided by the study as to the causes of finance related depression are limited.

For example: "Stress. Stress. Stress." Really? You don't say.

Also, this trenchant observation "they probably have people screaming at them with regularity".

Indeed. I can confirm. They do.

Oh, well. Look on the bright side: Writers, ranked 4th on the list, don't get the kind of upside action that finance provides.

I can confirm that as well.

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