Attention California Drivers—Today Could Be Your Unlucky Day

In one of the strangest studies I've seen—and I've seen 'em all—Allstate Insurance says there are more car accidents on December 15 in California, the nation's car capital, than on any other day of the year.

More than on New Year's Eve.

More than on Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, or Labor Day.

Los Angeles
Los Angeles

Over the last four years, the number of car accidents on this day in the Golden State jumps 23 percent above the daily average. This is based on Allstate's own claims statistics.

Just this morning, at 4:15AM, CNBC cameraman Michael Luciano passed two accidents on the 118 freeway while driving to our live shot location in Moorpark.

Yes, it's misting this morning, but I wouldn't call the roads slick. Yet. Rain is in the forecast, and we all know how Californians — especially in L.A. — freak out driving in the rain. It could get rough.

How big a jump is 23 percent?

Allstate says the average daily number of accidents involving policyholders in California is 435. On December 15, it's 539. That's 104 more accidents.

"This spike in crashes could be related to weather, holiday shopping, travel or other distractions," says Robert Feldman, who owns an Allstate agency in Los Angeles.

The second worst day of the year is Valentine's Day, followed by Columbus Day, October 12 (really?). Coming in fourth is December 18, just three days from now. It's not until you get to the fifth busiest day, September 5, that you have something remotely tied to a busy, car-driving holiday.

Why? Is our collective guard down because it's not a holiday—no warnings about drunk drivers? Is everyone driving home from college, taking off for winter break, having a holiday party, getting angry in the mall parking lot?


I am what you might politely describe as an aggressive driver. Today, however, I'll take it a little slower, to make sure that at least my steering in good hands.

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