At Obama's CEO Summit: Who Is, and Isn't, Around the Table

Barack Obama
Barack Obama

Nearly half of the 20 CEOs meeting with President Obama Wednesday are from technology and financial services companies, while noticeably absent are executives from oil and retail companies and businesses partially-controlled by the federal government, General Motors and AIG.

Obama is hostingthe meeting with some of the biggest names in the boardroom and on the S&P 500 to gather suggestions on how to pump up the US economy.

Of the attendees’ companies, the median market cap is $52 billion and the median number of employees is 80,000. Thirteen of the 18 publicly-traded companies were down on Wednesday.

Only three of the chief executives are women. CEOs from tech firms include Google, Intel, IBM, Cisco and Motorola. However, some of their biggest rivals, Apple, AT&T and Verizon aren’t around the table.

From the financial world are company bosses from American Express, UBS, Kleiner Perkins and Centerbridge.

Other companies represented are General Electric, Boeing and Honeywell, from capital goods; Dupont and Dow in chemicals, and a mix of other industries, such as Eli Lily, UPS and Pepsi.

Obama met with Walmart CEO Mike Duke in late November with basically the same agenda in mind.

When today's meeting ends, the CEOs of Boeing, Honeywell and UPS will appear on CNBC's "Street Signs" between 2-3pm ET.