How to Dress for Success, UBS-Style

Everyone today is obsessing over the 43-page UBS brochure setting forth an elaborate dress code.

"Dresscode UBS à l’attention des collaborateurs PKB" is the formal title of the document.

It's a very typically obsessive Swiss document, with advice on everything from how many pieces of jewelry to wear (maximum of 3 pieces for men, 7 for women) to what color underwear should be donned. There's also some weird stuff, like a ban on women wearing new shoes.

The dress code is being tested out in five branches in Switzerland but may be rolled out worldwide, according to the Wall Street Journal.

My favorite part consists of advice on how to wear a tie.

Source: UBS

This is translated from French to English by Google Translator (Pardon the unusual grammar):

Wearing a tie UBS is absolutely imperative.

There are several techniques for tying and tie knotted properly should reach the top of the belt buckle.

Tips and Advice

  • Each time you remove your suit, untie your Tie and hang or wrap it. Give your tie at least one rest day before reuse so that the fabric and lining to rest.
  • You leave preferably professionals with the task of removing any stains. More spots are recent and more result will be better.
  • Do not wash, nor ever iron your shirts yourself.
  • The stickpin is now rather old-fashioned but it is considered useful and decorative by many carriers tie.
  • The tip of your tie should under no circumstances enter your pants

It goes on to provide instructions for tying the ties.

We tracked down the entire brochure, which you can read here.


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