Lloyd Blankfein Loves Goldman's Cafeteria

You'd expect Wall Street's most powerful banker to spend his lunch hour at Grill Room of the Four Seasons Restaurant. But Lloyd Blankfein would rather hit the salad bar at his company's cafeteria any day of the week.


"The food is awesome too, awesome," Blankfein said.

One female Goldman banker agreed. "I don't normally eat sushi, but the rolls they serve are so delicious I went back for seconds, and thirds!" she gushed.

Famed restauratuer Danny Meyer is set to open three places within the Goldman complex, including a Shake Shack hamburger stand.

"We're very excited to be moving into the space it's a fantastic neighborhood and we're excited to be a part of Goldman's revitalization of the neighborhood," he told me.

And if Lloyd and his team graze a little too much, they can always hit Goldman's brand-spanking new, 54,000 square foot gym for an "Awesome Abs" class.