Meet Walter Shimoon

Walter Shimoon is one of the suspectsarrested on Thursdayin connection with the government's latest insider trading crackdown.

According to Shimoon's profile on an online networking website, he is employed by a tech company called Vista Point Technologies, located in the San Francisco suburb of Milpitas, CA

Shimoon lists his current position as "VP Business Development for Asia & Americas".

Much of this information—job title, sector, and location—may be relevant to the complaint.

As I wrote in late November, in reference to the FBI arrest of Don Chin Trang Chu: " Perhaps it just reinforces what we already know that "expert-networking" firms—and the financial institutions who deal with them—are firmly in the crosshairs of the government's latest investigation. Whether the telecom sector, or the Asia-Pacific market, is going to be a specific focus of government investigation remains unclear at this time. "

Vista Point is a tech company specializing in "Optomechatronics" — which is techie jargon for a combination of optics and mechanical engineering. Vista Point itself is owned by Flextronics— a Fortune Global 500 Electronics Manufacturing Services provider, headquartered in Singapore.

Prior to his arrest today, there were no references Shimoon in the press.

In his professional profile, Mr. Shimoon lists the following, among his specialties:"structuring creative win-win arrangements with customers."


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