ScoreBig Sees Market In Selling Tickets For Under Face Value

What happens if I told you that there was a company that was guaranteeing that you could get tickets for under face value every time with no servicing fee?

Well, it’s now reality.


A company called ScoreBig has unveiled, a Web site that gets its inventory from teams hoping to put butts in the seats.

Just like, it allows you to submit your price for a ticket to a game, offering recommendations based on what previous fans have bought it for.

Instantaneously, your offer — which is for sitting in a particular section, not a particular seat — is either confirmed or rejected. If it's rejected, you have to wait a day before trying again on that game.

Teams win because they get fans into the seats. Fans win because they’ll go to a game they might have not gone to.

So what’s my review?

I like the site.

It’s pretty easy to navigate and it’s good that they suggest what a good price may be based on the success of the price that other fans scored.

As an idea, I think it works because it protects pricing integrity with the teams.

The teams get a cut, but they don’t make season ticket holders mad by selling discounted seats on their own Web site.

The question is whether teams believe they will make money by going to a variable pricing model themselves and one day cut out If 35 to 50 percent of sports and concert tickets go unsold, as ScoreBig CEO Adam Kanner told me, what happens if one day sports teams get the prices right?

I also believe that this is yet another reason why it doesn’t make sense to get a season ticket. Teams, for the most part, seem to overprice their tickets and who really cares about sitting in the same seat every time? The couple times you need to be at a game, you can overpay. The rest of the time, you’re probably buying for face value or under.

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