What's On: Holiday Retail, Earnings and Rosetta Stone's CEO

Here's what's up on Tuesday's Squawk on the Street:

--The focus is on retail. It's that time of the year again, the homestretch for retailers. Three days left to shop, and the major chains are aggressively going after your dollars. From big boxes like Wal-Mart, Best Buy and Target and cars like Ford and Toyota to jewelry makers like Tiffany and even mall rats, we have it all covered in our Countdown to Christmas 30-minute special. It's all about the bottomline and for investors, it's all about separating the winners from the losers.

We're also tracking earnings from Carnival, ConAgra and Adobe. Should you buy these stocks ahead of the open? We have the instant analysis so you can decide your next move.

Plus, it's technical tuesday. We're reading the charts to see which stocks and sectors, including the financials, are about to breakout to the upside.

Also, Rosetta Stone up 23 percent since Sept. 1, outpacing the broader market. The CEO will be along to tell us what might drive the stock price even higher.

And Garmin. It's a stock. It's also a gift. The maker of GPS devices has seen better days, with shares up just 2 percent on the year. But if the stock is about to "find direction", will it make a better stocking stuffer than the device?

Finally, the silver lining trade. The metal easily outperforming gold over the past year. We'll bring you some predictions for the new year in our investing edge.

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