Apple's Ban of Flash Doesn't Hurt Revenue: Adobe CFO

Adobe Chief Financial Officer Mark Garrett told CNBC Tuesday that Apple’s ban of the Adobe Flash player from its products doesn’t impact Adobe's revenue.

“To the extent that Apple doesn’t want to run Flash, people will still use our tools to create content. And delivered on the Apple device, you just won’t have Flash running on that Apple device,” said Garrett, who added that the explosion of digital content and proliferation of devices will contribute to what he projects will be a 10 percent rise in revenues in 2011.

Adobe reported its first $1 billion quarter on Tuesday.

Garrett explained that the company doesn’t derive a lot of revenue from Flash solely: “Whether you create content on HTML 5, which will run on the 'i' [Apple] device, or you create it for Flash, you are still buying Adobe’s creative tools to create that content,” he said. “The world comes to Adobe to create content—no matter what device it runs on.”

Apple and its founder Steve Jobs have been openly hostile to the software maker. Apple announced in October that it will no longer ship Mac computers with Adobe Flash player pre-installed, as the company continues to erect barriers to the software. Apple had effectively banned developers from using Flash to build applications for its mobile devices, but the company relented in September in the face of scrutiny from US regulators.