JPMorgan Tops Investment Banking League Tables—Again!

Jamie Dimon is still the king of Wall Street.

Just in time for Christmas, Dealogic has released its annual investment banking league tables. And JPMorgan, which took the top spot last year, has won again.

Despite taking the top place again, JPMorgan's revenues were down 6% overall.

So here's where the banks stand. (Figures include both debt and equity underwriting, advisory and lending.)

Domestic Banks

• JPMorgan leads the pack in investment banking revenue for the second year in a row. JPM took in $5.2 billion in fees.

• Bank of America was second at $4.6 billion in revenue from similar services.

• Goldman Sachs came in third, with an even $4 billion in revenue from investment banking.

• Morgan Stanley was fourth, at $3.8 billion in revenue from banking services.

• Wells Fargo revenue from investment banking fees declined 13 percent.

Deutsche Bank and Barclays topped the foreigner league tables.

Foreign Banks

• Deutsche Bank AG: $3.5 billion in fees. It had the biggest year-over-year growth, with revenue gains of 27 percent.

Barclays Bank AG: Also took in $3.5 billion in fees, on a 27 percent increase in revenue.

Royal Bank of Scotland: revenue fell 23 percent.

Nomura Securities: investment banking revenue fell 22 percent.

"Overall, Wall Street took in $66 billion in revenue from investment banking this year, an 8 percent increase over 2009," Liz Moyer at the Wall Street Journal writes.

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