Survey Finds 56% 0f Wall Streeters Say They Deserve Bigger Bonuses

A survey of Wall Streeters taken last weekdiscovered that the majority of those who got bonuses believe they are underpaid.


Fifty-six out of the hundred people interviewed in the financial district responded “I deserve more” when asked if their bonus was fair.

The survey, conducted by Foster Kamer of Esquire Magazine, isn’t really all that scientific. Kamer basically just went down to the financial district and walked up to people with a bunch of questionnaires. There’s no telling how representative the results are.

But, let’s face it, the results sound about right.

Only 2% admitted that they deserve less.

Five people claimed to have received bonuses in excess of $250,000. One of them thought he deserved more.

Fourteen respondents got bonuses between $75,0000 and $150,000. Only one woman—out of 17 interviewed—got a bonus over $100,000. She said she plans to spend her bonus on “magazines.”

Fascinatingly, only 8% of the respondents said they planned to invest their bonuses. Eleven percent said they would save for retirement.