David Einhorn Likes His iPad And Scotch

The Greenlight Capital president not only was critical of Lehman's balance sheet chicanery at a time when almost everyone else believed the firm really was bringing down its leverage, he's also one hell of a poker player.

David Einhorn
David Einhorn

Einhorn recently sat down with DealBreaker's Bess Levin for a game of cards and some conversation.

The long interview covers a lot of ground, including politics, the Fed's quantitative easing policy, and Einhorn's history. But our favorite part is where Bess asks Einhorn about Apple, and then somehow directs the conversation into talk about booze.

Bess Levin: Apple is one of your long positions. What products do you own?

David Einhorn: I have an iPad, an iPhone and an iPod.

Bess Levin: BlackBerry for work?

David Einhorn: Nope, no BlackBerry, never owned a BlackBerry.

Bess Levin: What’s your favorite app?

David Einhorn: No apps, I just use it for basic stuff- internet browsing, reading emails on a big screen on the train ride home.

Bess Levin: I was going to ask- town car or Metro North.

David Einhorn: Yup, I’m a Metro North rider.

Bess Levin: Bar Car?

David Einhorn: What’s the bar car?

Bess Levin: What’s the bar car? People LOVE the bar car! It’s where you can drink and mix it up on the way home to Westchester and CT. People are VERY passionate about the bar car.

David Einhorn: Wow, I didn’t know that.

Bess Levin: What’s your drink?

David Einhorn: Scotch.

Bess Levin: What brand?

David Einhorn: Almost any.

Bess Levin: Even cheap stuff?

David Einhorn: [laughs] Sometimes cheap stuff. I can tell the difference though.

That's almost too symbolically good to be believed. Einhorn has a taste for it all...but is discerning enough to detect the flaws in the cheap stuff.

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