Blackstone Is Hunting for a Mole

You may remember that private-equity giant Blackstone Group throw a 25th anniversary bash at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We described it as "disappointingly dull and surprisingly crashable."

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Both descriptions were derived from the work of freelance journalist Kevin Roose, who reported on the party for New York magazine.

Now Blackstone is reportedly trying to catch the insider who tipped Roose off about the party.

Dan Primack has the scoop on Blackstone's party leaker manhunt:

Turns out that Blackstone was not amused. Not only by Roose's story – which takes pot-shots at most turns – but also by the fact that one of its people would dare break Schwarzman's circle of trust.

I'm told that Blackstone's HR and IT departments have spent the past couple of weeks trying to sniff out the culprit. One rumor I heard was that they were successful and had fired the guy, but that is untrue.

Unclear what the eventual punishment would be (assuming conclusive evidence is uncovered), except that there would be some sort of punishment (or at least a stern talking-to). After all, why else spend time investigating.

For his part, Roose obviously isn't naming his source. All he would tell me was that he "has lots of contacts at Blackstone and throughout the industry."

Blackstone declined to comment.

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