Downtown 'Megahouse' to Become Boring Corporate Headquarters

Sadly, a Chinese construction company has just purchased the 15,000+ square-foot "megahouse" that had been on the market in the Financial District.

It's a shame, really.

The speculation, in September of 2009, was that the house would become a mega-crib for some lucky Wall Street exec or hedge fund titan.

But it didn’t work out that way: And now the moralizing forces of class warfare have been deprived of a convenient metaphor for excess this holiday season.

They'll have to take what they can get. For example: the Dream List.

Ok, I have to admit it: I had my hopes too.

It would have been great to point out that 70 Broad was located only a dozen blocks away from 200 West Street — making it an ideal commute for a Goldman Sachs PMD/Master-of-the-Universe.

And especially: I was dying to reference the possibility of converting the "State-of-the-Art Cisco teleconferencing" facility into an indoor shooting range — so I could drop this Mel Brooks link.

(Just think: The whole revolution could have turned out differently if Louis XVI didn't have to contend with crosswinds, and peasants 'Drifting to the Left'.)

But now, according to The Wall Street Journal, the "five-story granite landmark" will be just another boring corporate headquarters. Fie!

In a final ignominious sign that excess is simply not to be in this storyline, the joint sold at a discount.

Instead of the $45,000,000 listing price, the sale price came in at a lowly $18,000,000 — a sixty percent cut from where it was originally priced.

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