What's On: Big Retail, Big Caps and a Big 2011

Here's what's up on Monday's Squawk on the Street:

--On our first post-Christmas 2010 edition, our countdown to Christmas 2011 is already underway. We're talking about the retailers that are likely to carry their up or down momentum into the new year and beyond. On the list: JC Penney, Macy's, Wal-Mart and Target.

--We'll also of course get full stats and facts on who did well this season... and who didn't.

--The Street Poll asks if you wound up spending more on gifts this year than you did a year ago. Share your opinion.

--We're also talking about big cappers in the new year, including Citigroup, Bank of America and Caterpillar to name a few.

So watch the first post Christmas 2010 edition of Squawk on the Street Monday starting at 9am live from the New York Stock Exchange as we start the final week of trading of the year.