Keep The Timing in Mind

Wanted to call out a particular interview with a trader this week. Not so much for his market commentary, though.

Don't get me wrong. He had interesting comments ... stronger than expected year, low volume, likely pause in market, will the retail investor come back ... good stuff to chew on.

But I particularly liked his point about timing and the difference between traders and investors. Each group has a different time horizon. It's an important thing to keep in mind, both for us (the media) and for viewers/readers (you).

Sometimes in the pressure of live television or quick internet turnaround, the specific shelf-life of a bit of investment advice can get lost or confused ... "go long gold" can have alot of different outcomes depending on whether you are talking a day or a year. So the difference between whether this is short-term trading advice or long-term investing advice becomes crucial.

We typically try to make this clear in our coverage. Admittedly in some instances it could be clearer. So it's good to have reminders like this interview. It's also important for a reader/viewer to know what they are and their time horizon too.

Check out the interview. It's about 4:18 in.