10 Fun Reads for Today

10 Fun Reads for Today:

1.Top Ten Finance Feuds of 2010 from The Reformed Broker including Whitney Tilson vs Netflix and Bob Prechter versus reality.

2. I don't know if this is good or bad for Playboy stock, but Hefner gets engaged to a 24 year old. Mazel Tov!

3. VC Bijan Sabet's best products for 2010.

4. For everyone who really hates me: Why I'm an Optimist.

5. I'm sure a lot of you got an iPhone for Christmas. Here's essential iPhone resources.

6.This is a relief: Delinquencies will decline in 2011. Take that foreclosuregate!

7.Can this really be true? Is Jessica Simpson a billionaire?

8. For everyone who is trashing the US and capitalism, knock yourself out on the most important statistic there is.

9. Another important statistic: This is called a V-shaped recovery in jobs.

10. And finally, if education is so great then why didn't you ever learn where pasta really came from?