8 Articles You Should Read to Begin the Day

1. After reading this article, I actually bought some of the applications. One of the few articles I read that actually improved my life a little bit. Top 10 online applications.

2. Is Chinese the new language of the Internet.

3. Online dating, Uri Geller the psychic, and how I met my wife.

4. Will the demand for Silver, Continue into 2011?

5. Does the January Effect really work in the stock market?

6. The Microcap Speculator has the macro call of the year: buy Chinese microcaps. I believe this one.

7. The SEC is starting to look into all of the private trading that is going on in Facebook stock, Zynga stock, Twitter, etc.

8. And finally, LuluLemon might've gained a new customer. HowI was talked into doing yoga, the video version.

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