10 Fun Reads for Wednesday

Various members of the NetNet crew are in and out this vacation and snow-filled week, so we've asked a few friends to fill in. The following is from hedge fund manager and financial columnist James Altucher ...

1. The Wrongologist, Kathryn Schulz, gives her top 10 things that went wrong in 2010.

2. How I learned to BREAKDANCE, and then master the universe.

3. How 2010 changed the future of cars forever.

4. Whatever happened to the Gulf Oil spill.

5. The Daily Beast celebrates the 25th Anniversary of MSFT Excel.

6. Apple prepares three new versions of the ipad for 2011.

7. Doug Kass's 15 surprises for 2011.

8. Great blast from the past. I wish I had applied for that job in 1995. A classified ad from Amazon, pre-launch of theirwebsite.

9. I didn't know that Galileo's greatest achievements came after he was 46 years old. Gives me hope.

10. Applicable more than ever for the boom i think is coming in 2011: 8 reasons not to daytrade.

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