5 Top Large-Cap Picks: Strategists

Pointing to large-cap picks, Bill Spiropoulos, chief executive of CoreStates Capital Advisors, and Keith Goddard, president of Capital Advisors, suggested that investors look into the following stocks.

Spiropoulos Likes:

Bank of America —“It’s a tremendous global brand,” Spiropoulos told CNBC.

“If you’re going to bet on normalcy and return to prosperity, this is a great name for upside potential.”

“The insiders have been buying [BofA shares] since November and it’s one of the best indicators that I like to follow,” he added.


Johnson & Johnson


Goddard Likes:

Johnson & Johnson—“The stock has underperformed the market for two years now and that’s only happened three other times in the past 30 years. And each time, that represented a fantastic entry point into the stock,” Goddard said. “That proved to be true whether the market was up or down."

"Out of seven negative years we’ve seen in the past three decades, JNJ outperfomed the market all seven times and was actually up in five of those seven years and in the meantime, you get a 3.5 dividend yield.”


Scorecard—What They Said:

  • Goddard's Previous Appearance on CNBC (Oct. 14, 2010)
  • Spiropoulos' Previous Appearance on CNBC (Dec. 16, 2010)

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