How to Prepare For Rally in 2011: Strategists

The stock market’s modest rally this month is an indication of an equity market revival in 2011, said Brett D’arcy, chief investment officer at CBIZ Wealth Management, and Tim Courtney, CIO of Burns Advisory Group.

“We saw improving numbers again with unemployment, and 2011 is going to start off well,” D’arcy told CNBC.

“It’s not a point to jump off equities at this point—you really want to stay with it.”

Expect an increase in interest rates and a stronger dollar to be the main themes in 2011, D’arcy said.

In the meantime, Courtney said the markets are going to head higher in the next few quarters because there’s already a lot of bad news priced into the market.

“So when terrible news doesn’t materialize, the market has been going up on marginally good news,” he explained. “So the odds are, it’s going to move forward.”

Courtney said investors should prepare by investing in small caps, as they tend to perform the best during recoveries.

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