How to Get Your Company to Be The Most Popular Twitter Brand in The World

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Twitter has an interesting list of the non-tech companies that appeared most on twitter over the past year. Basically, they looked for companies appearing the most in tweets and eliminated Apple, Google, Microsoft, etc. The funny thing about the list is that I've barely heard about some of these companies:

  • Uniqlo
  • BBC
  • Lanvin-H&M
  • Capricho Magazine
  • Nike
  • Four Loko
  • McDonald's
  • AirTran/Southwest
  • Cadbury-Kraft
  • Toms Shoes

I've never heard of Uniqlo, Lanvin, Capricho, Four Loko, and Toms Shoes.

If I go to the Tom's Shoes website it looks almost like a Zappos with the added twist that they give a pair of shoes to charity for every pair you purchase. Nice incentive. If I plug Tom's Shoes into, I see they've gone from 18,000 unique visitors earlier this year to 454,000 last month. When I search on "Tom's Shoes" on Twitter there are people tweeting about them every minute. I also see that not only do they have 500,000 followers but also that they are following 280,000 people. This shows me they are aggressively using Twitter to market (they've taken the time to follow all of these people). But why do people still pay attention to them if its a pure marketing machine.

Their Tweets are not pure marketing. They mix up special offers with pictures of kids from around the world (charity situations) receiving their shoes for free. They also throw in famous quotes. So there is some actual content in their posts, albeit its mostly marketing.

Now (I'm asking it out loud as I write this), who the heck is "Four Loko". Ahh, I see. It's an alcoholic energy drink containing the following ingredients: alcohol, caffeine, taurine, and guarana.

Popular among college kids but not necessarily through Twitter. I can't find a real Four Loko presence on Twitter. Ok, next.

Uniqlo is a fashion brand with about 200,000 followers across its various Twitter IDs. They only started getting involved with Twitter about a year ago. They did an amazing and simple twitter campaign that went viral. Basically, every 26th tweet that mentioned Uniqlo got a 1,000 yen coupon.

Here are more details on it. Their twitter followers are now greater than their website's unique visitors according to

For more details on these trending brands and how they got that way, here's this Advertising Age article.

Basically, if I were a brand trying to go viral on twitter I'd do the following:

  • Follow lot of people. Some percentage of them will inevitably follow back.
  • Have great tweets with original content. Not just marketing spam.
  • Do a campaign very similar to what Uniqlo did. It worked and I don't see any reason why some variation of it wouldn't work again.

Oh, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, follow me on Twitter.

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