Done Forever: The Estonian Kroon

Done Forever: The Estonian Kroon (Reuters) In a few hours, Estonia will bid goodbye to their old currency: The Estonian kroon.


"Estonia could be the last new entrant for some years when it becomes the 17th euro zone member on January 1, with the club's deepening crisis of confidence likely to put off larger eastern European states from joining for up to a decade." You said it, Reuters.

"Corporate Bonds Looking to Break Through in New Year" (CNBC) CNBC's Jeff Cox talks corporate bonds: "Though they delivered mixed returns in 2010, corporate bonds are getting an increased amount of attention for 2011 as US companies look to stronger growth prospects and the hunt for yield intensifies. While stocks and commodities were surging through the year, corporate, particularly investment grade, posted only modest returns."

Down Moving Toward 2010 High (Wall Street Journal) Let's take this year out on a high note, shall we? "U.S. stocks struggled to move higher, bobbing between small gains and losses in the final session of a strong year that sent the market to two-year highs. The Dow Jones Industrial Average edged up 15 points, or 0.1 percent, to 11585, in recent trading. The measure is within reach of closing above 11585.38, which would represent its highest close since August 2008 and the 12th time in its history that it has closed the year at its high. Alcoa led the Dow's ascent on Friday, rising 1.2 percent. However, Alcoa is still one of the measure's weakest components for the year, with a 4.6 percent drop."