Ex-Goldman Exec Tackles Goldman Sachs Over NFL Negotiations

David Madison | Photographer's Choice | Getty Images

A former Goldman Sachs executive, now working with the NFL Players Association, is crying foul against his former employer's negotiating tactics.

As a labor dispute between NFL owners and players drags on — and the viability of the 2011 season grows questionable — the rhetoric between the two sides is becoming more heated.

Goldman Sachs is advising the owners during the negotiations, which involve issues ranging from player compensation to the number of games played per season.

George Atallah, a former Goldman man now working with the Player's Association, has called into question his former employer's handling of the negotiation.

Atallah was recently quoted by The NY Post: "It's hard to find that Goldman Sachs would ask any of its clients to do a deal without full transparency. I've worked for Goldman and know what it believes. So it's doubly disappointing to me that they are so respected but apparently won't advise their clients to observe the most basic tenet of business."

So what's the broader significance of this story — beyond the novelty of finding out that Goldman Sachs is advising NFL team owners?

There probably isn't any.

But for Goldman conspiracy theorists, it will provide further evidence that Goldman Sachs has a hand — or a tentacle — wrapped around yet another American institution.


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