Words We Ought to Bid Adieu in the New Year

Woman biting lip
Max Oppenheim | Digital Vision | Getty Images
Woman biting lip

NetNet is always pleased to engage in guerilla action in the war against cliché.

In furtherance of this end, we submit the 2011 List of Banished Words, from Lake Superior State University.

A few samples:

Overuse of the word 'viral' is tedious.

If you're tempted to use 'viral' in reference to something in vogue on the internet, spend a few minutes instead to reflect on the reasons for its popularity, and then write about that instead. (Note: The word 'viral' is perfectly permissible to refer to actual infections—in which case it is the microbe itself that is to be avoided.)

Non-standard uses of both 'epic' and 'fail' are grating.

All the more so when the words are used in conjunction with each other.

However, 'Google' and 'Facebook' as verbs — and I say this with respect to the editors of the banished list — are here to stay.

Get over it.

Incidentally, can I submit 'Get Over It' for next year's list?

I'm just sayin'...


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