10 Fun Reads to Start The Year in 2011

Various members of the NetNet crew are in and out this vacation and snow-filled week, so we've asked a few friends to fill in. The following is from hedge fund manager and financial columnist James Altucher ...

1. The bullish case in 133 words.

2. Why I became a professional psychic for a day.

3. Great summary of all the top value stocks for 2011 from every pundit.

4. Why China is a freak economy and can take down the rest of the world.

5. Great article in Slate on why we get addicted to Google , Twitter, texting, etc.

6. Love the stock picks in Howard Lindzon's predictions for 2011

7. Why we desperatelyneed a better Google.

8. AOL's awkward billboard ad.

9. Jim Cramer's top 2 Dow picks for 2011. (Alcoa , Bank of America )

10. My New Year's resolutions for 2011 including my desire to perform standup comedy by year's end.