Buy This Pause in Gold Prices

Gold is nowhere near its peak, Cramer said during Monday’s “Mad Money.” And it won’t be until money managers weight it at about 5 percent of their holdings. It’s at less than 1 percent right now.

Cramer remains bullish on the precious metal going into 2011 because he thinks world currencies are under pressure. Governments are printing too much money, making it worth less and less.

That means “gold's going to be worth more and more,” Cramer said.

He also noted that the U.S. Mint reported a 14-percent drop in gold coin sales last year, with a 74-percent decline for December alone. That scarcity could signal much higher prices if the U.S. suddenly saw demand for gold like that in China or India. Cramer wondered if the Mint would even have enough gold on hand to meet that demand.

So while it’s true that gold prices have paused, as have the related stocks, Cramer thinks this is a big opportunity to buy, buy, buy. Investors should take the chance to get their gold holdings up to as much as 20 percent of their portfolios. There’s no better way to protect against the immense amount of cash that is likely to enter the system in 2011.

Here’s how Cramer recommended you play it: “Don’t expect gold to get away from you here. Expect some more profit-taking. So slowly leg in. No hurry. But please, please, don’t miss it this time.”

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