10 Must-Reads for The Day

James McHuff

Here's what you should be reading this morning.

1. Credit Suisse's 18 best stock picks for 2011.

2. I'm really happy the camera was invented: beauty contest.

3. So you just bought sex.com for $13 million. Now what?

4. My story on how to succeed in LA without really trying.

5. I'm getting more addicted than ever.

6. Turns out Goldman doesn't really value Facebook at $50 billion.

7. Matt Busigin'smust read articleon whats going on in the economy right now. This article will be my bible for the next few months.

8. Why do people like those Girl With the Dragon Tattoo books so much?

9. Warren Buffett talks to Vanity Fair for 11 hours.

10. I might believe this: Quora will be bigger than Twitter.