Morningstar Names Top Fund Managers for the Year

Morningstar, the big rater of mutual fund performance, named managers from Sequoia, Janus and Templeton as its top fund managers of the year.

The award, established in 1988, acknowledges managers, in three areas—domestic stocks, international stocks and fixed income—who have delivered solid performance in 2010, and over time, and have also shown they are good stewards of fund shareholders' capital.

The 2010 winners are: Bob Goldfarb and David Poppe at Sequoia for domestic stocks; Brent Lynn of Janus for international stocks; and Michael Hasenstab of Templeton for fixed-income.

At Sequoia, Goldfarb and Poppe oversee a fund with $3.3 billion in net assets, which was up 17.1 percent last year. Seventy-seven percent of the assets are in stocks, the balance in cash. Typically, the fund holds between 10 and 25 stocks of companies with top-quality management and long-lasting competitive advantages.

Lynn at Janus manages $13.5 billion in total assets in the Janus Overseas T Fund , which was up 18.5 percent last year. Forty-one percent of the fund are stocks in greater Asia and 31 percent are stocks invested in financial services. The fund places an emphasis on companies with experienced management and high returns on capital. Lynn has been with Janus since 1991.

Morningstar’s fixed-income fund manager this year, Michael Hasenstab, for Templeton Global Bond A, handles total assets of $46.4 billion. The fund was up 11.5 percent last year. Hasenstab, who has been the fund’s sole manager since 2006, favors bonds and currencies of countries with low-debt levels and healthy growth prospects. The fund took in nearly $18 billion over the last year.

Morningstar has also named the Ford Motor Company CEO and chairman Alan Mulally as its CEO of the year.

Before joining Ford , where Mulally is also a board member, the CEO served as executive vice president of the Boeing Company , and president and chief executive officer of Boeing Commercial Airplanes.