Help Us Set The Capitol Hill Agenda for 2011

Capitol Hill Agenda
Capitol Hill Agenda

Nancy Pelosi will surrender the House Speaker’s gavel to John Boehner today. The Republican majority in the House of Representatives has already made its influence felt by forcing President Barack Obama to cut a deal to stave off scheduled tax increases for another two years—and the economy and markets seem to be responding positively.

Republicans, however, cannot afford to rest on this early victory. They rose to power—or at least, to power-sharing—on the confidence of tea party activists, Republican stalwarts and independent voters that they would press for reform on Capitol Hill. Spending restraint, deficit reduction, health care reform, respect for Constitutional limits on federal authority and regulatory reform must all be high on the Republican agenda if the Grand Old Party hopes to keep this confidence intact through 2012.

So what should the Republicans do to “earn out” the political victory handed to them by the electorate? We have our own ideas—but we are deeply interested in the ideas of our readers. What should be on the list of Republican lawmakers as the new Congress begins? How should Wall Street be reformed? What can be done to restore the US economy to a healthy and vibrant state?

We invite you to send your suggestions by emailing We’ll run the best suggestions on the site, and see that they are personally delivered to the Republican leadership.

If you feel constrained by the terms of your employment from publicly stating your ideas, we’ll be pleased to keep your suggestions anonymous. We’re interested in the quality of your ideas, even if you aren’t authorized to speak publicly on political matters.

It's 2011. This can be the year everything changes. The politicians and the regulators would prefer we left the change in their hands. But outside the government and beyond the regulators, we're fighting for the future. Because we've got to be ready for it.


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