Most Americans Have No Plans to Curtail Post-Holiday Spending

No holiday hangover here. Most Americans say they have no plans to cut back on spending this year as a result of their holiday shopping, according to the results of a new survey.

Man watches home theater televisions at the Best Buy
Man watches home theater televisions at the Best Buy

In a recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive for MasterCard , 61 percent said they do not plan on cutting back on spending in the New Year as a result of holiday shopping.

If that proves true, it is good news for the economy and Americans will keep shopping. But even this survey doesn't expect them to completely ditch their frugal ways.

"After a rough few years, people have adjusted their spending," said Andrea Gilman, a vice president at MasterCard. However, during the holiday season more consumers started making more "fun purchases" in addition to buying practical items, she said.

But this doesn't mean a return to pre-recession spending patterns.

"Consumers are used to having a budget and finding ways to maximize that," she said.

That showed itself in the survey, with about 76 percent of respondents saying they plan to shop differently in the future.

About half said they would take advantage of more sales and about 49 percent said they would start their shopping ahead of time.

Notably, about 25 percent of consumers said they had held off purchasing gifts before Christmas so that they could take advantage of post-holiday sales. Of those who were waiting, most (43 percent) will be shopping for themselves. Also more men (50 percent) than women (36 percent) said they planned to shop for themselves after the holiday.

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