StubHub Pulls BCS Championship Tickets

Cam Newton
Getty Images
Cam Newton

On Wednesday night, eBay's StubHub pulled off all of its tickets to Monday's BCS National Championship Game.

This was because a big seller who had already sold tickets on the site admitted to the company that he wouldn't have enough tickets in hand to satisfy the amount that he posted to the site. Since StubHub has always guaranteed that if a ticket is fraudulent or can't reach the buyer, they will make the customer whole with a similar ticket, the company was concerned that there would be some customers that bought tickets that wouldn't be able to get them.

"We have purchased as many tickets as are available to help fill customers’ orders, however we are still short of tickets due to the incredibly high demand for this game," StubHub spokeswoman Joellen Ferrer said.

Ferrer said starting Thursday, the company is offering more than double the purchase price for anyone who bought their tickets on StubHub originally, has them in hand or was supposed to pick them up at the stadium, and is willing to sell.

By doing this, the company believes everyone who bought tickets on the Web site will be guaranteed comparable seats or the company will give them more than their full refund back, which will be equal to double what they paid, plus the commission fees and the shipping.

Stubhub has had its ticket guarantee in place since its founding in 2000 and says it has never failed to deliver on its promise. Interestingly, the BCS National Championship between Oregon and Auburn has already become the top selling event in the company's history. The average price for a ticket on StubHub has hovered around $1,000.

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