10 Fun Reads for Thursday

James McHuff

Here's what you should be reading this morning.

1. 53 things I learned from Stocktwits founder Howard Lindzon. #1: make friends through violence.

2. Was the first Wikileaks really started in 1964?

3. Quora is quickly overtaking Twitter.

4. It's quite possible we could have10% unemployment forever.

5. Great interview on poker and poker books with the European poker champion.

6. Is buying Jade the best inflation hedge?

7. After the recent market boom, what are all the current country market caps?

8. Great picks: 12 semiconductor stocks that can really run in 2011.

9. Molycorp disconnects from Earth. Highly recommend "The Chairman's" blog by the way.

10. When CNBC calls me I try to answer only in Spanish

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