Unused Law Degree: $200k on eBay, Going Once, Going Twice....

degree and cash
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degree and cash

She’s a law school graduate trying to unload her diploma on eBay for $200,000 due to “severe financial distress.”

We first wrote about “Resume Goddess”yesterday. Today, we’ve uncovered more details regarding her background and financial situation.

“Resume Goddess” is 50 years old and works as an administrative assistant at a law firm. It took her five years to find that position after graduating from the John Marshall Law School in Chicago — noting she’s one job and one-low paid boyfriend away from the street. She tells us she has no assets, no retirement plan, no car and has a roommate.

“When I entered law school, the student loan companies couldn’t wait to give me loans,” “Resume Goddess” (who requested we not reveal her name) tells NetNet.

She says her private student loan payments cost more than half of her $1,900 monthly take home pay. She had asked the private loan companies to lower her payments. They denied her request, and said if she didn’t pay, she’d be put in default. So, “Resume Goddess” turned to eBay.

“My current ‘income based monthly payment for my $85,000 in federal loans is $0, as determined by the federal loan people,” she says. “The regulations regarding private student loans need to be changed. The situation is dire for me. A law degree is not worth it. I just want to warn others not to make the poor choices I did.”

As of this afternoon, “Resume Goddess” has had 563 visitors to her eBay listing, but no bids.

Going once, going twice…

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