Wow! Accused Insider-Trading Lady Calls Blogger to Ask for Help Finding a Lawyer

Frances Twitty | Getty Images

A former technology consultant jailed in the federal crackdown on insider trading at hedge funds called Business Insider early this morning to ask for help finding a lawyer.

"Perhaps I can eventually talk to you more," Winifred Jiau told Business Insider reporter Katya Wachtel during a phone call from jail, shortly after midnight on Friday. "But I need a lawyer in New York who can help me make bail. I really need a councilor."

A former Primary Global Research expert networking consultant, Jiau was arrested in December on charges that she sold information about Nvidia and Marvell Technology Group to hedge funds. She was denied bail on the grounds that she might ba flight risk. Her family lives in Taiwan.

"It's just one-side story now you hear," she said during the call.

Wachtel describes her as so soft-spoken she was sometimes drowned out by the background noise of her fellow prisoners.

"Do people want me to win or lose?" she asked Wachtel.

Jiau is apparently hoping that a New York lawyer will take her case pro bono. She is currently represented by a lawyer in California, but believes she needs a New York lawyer to handle the case.


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