Lady Gaga Introduces Polaroid's New Product Line at CES

This is Lady Gaga’s second appearance at the International Consumer Electronics Showhere at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada but her first chance to reveal a new line of products.

Gaga’s Grey Label

Maria Bartiromo, Lady Gaga and Lulu Chiang
Maria Bartiromo, Lady Gaga and Lulu Chiang

I was with Maria Bartiromo when we caught up with her at the Polaroid booth.

Lady Gaga’s label with Polaroid is called ”Grey Label." She’s been working with the company as the creative directorand decided it was time for her to create her own line of products with her personal touch.

Lady Gaga showed us some of the cool gadget toys she co-designed with Polaroid.

First up - a pair of glasses that take pictures.

Polaroid's GL20 Camera Glassesare a groundbreaker with an an embedded camera and display, a mobile photo printer and a Polaroid camera. Showing them off to us she proudly said they're “something that you can wear out at night, you can see right through them, you can take pictures of your friends and the printer ... ties all of these three products together because you can actually Bluetooth your photos right to the printer.”

Connectivity, portability, gadgets talking to each other is the key theme in Gaga’s tech world.

Lady Gaga was most excited about the printer. When Polaroid asked her what's the camera of the future - she didn't show her Poker Face (sorry) - instead, she told went "all in" telling them, "Nobody uses cameras anymore ...the best thing that we could do as a company is combine instant film with something that is digital, that's almost never printed."

Lady Gaga, The Visionary

Lady Gaga considers herself a “visionary,” not just a songwriter/musician, but also a designer saying she and her fans "love music, we love fashion, we love technology, we're obsessed with the future, and with some the environment.”

On The Digital Revolution

"When the digital era first came about for music, it was a giant shot in the heart for everyone in the music industry, because piracy became a way to share music... It became the death of the CD to a certain extent. And it became the birth of the digital era," Lady Gaga told us. Bringing it back to her message she added, "So like in photography and in the camera business the digital era has sort of killed film and killed instant film, killed all kinds of film.”

CES 2011 - Your Digital Life - A CNBC Special Report
CES 2011 - Your Digital Life - A CNBC Special Report

With sites like iTunes and all selling music, it has “definitely challenged us to be more innovative and come up with new ways of selling music,” said Gaga.

On Twitter

Lady Gaga has more than 7 million followers on her Twitter account (@LadyGaga) and considers social media “the backbone of press and politics” adding Twitter has become “a way for people to find their own sense of fame. “

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Maria Bartiromo will have more with Lady Gaga on "Wall Street Journal with Maria Bartiromo."

She'll also have her interviews with Alan Mulally, Ford President & CEO, Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO and Brian Cooley, CNET Editor at large.

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