Listings for "60 Minutes on CNBC"

(Tuesdays at 10PM & 1AM ET on CNBC)

#1 Tech Titans: Wednesday, January 5th:

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60 Minutes on CNBC takes viewers inside Googleplex, the company's HQ and conducts interviews with co-founder Sergey Brin, CEO Eric Schmidt and other top executives.

Bill Gates

Charlie Rose talks to Microsoft founder Bill Gates about business, his success and philanthropy.

The Face behind Facebook

An in depth profile of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

#2 Your Money: Tuesday, January 11th:

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The Chairman

A rare interview with a sitting Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke talks to 60 Minutes on CNBC about America's financial crisis and recovery.

Your Bank Has Failed

What happens when a bank fails? 60 Minutes on CNBC is granted exclusive access to the FDIC's takeover of a Chicago bank.

Should We Make Cents?

60 Minutes on CNBC reports on the ongoing debate over the necessity of U.S. pennies and nickels, whose metal content is worth more than their face value.

#3 The Collapse: Tuesday, January 18th:

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Inside the Collapse

When the subprime mortgage business collapsed, some people, who had anticipated it, made a fortune.

Walking Away

60 minutes on CNBC reports on the growing phenomenon of homeowners who walk away from their house because it’s worth as little as half of what they originally paid for it…despite being able to still make the payments.

401K Recession

Is your 401K safe? 60 Minutes on CNBC looks at how losses in the stock market are drawing attention the shortcomings of relying on a 401K for retirement.

#4 Powering the Planet: Tuesday, January 25th:

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130 Million Tons of Waste

The U.S. burns so much coal to generate electricity, that it creates 130 millions tons of waste every year. So where do these toxins end up? For some people, it’s a little too close to home.

The Oil Sands

The oil boom in Alberta, Canada, where the oil sands produce a million barrels a day, is creating big problems for the oil companies.

The Age of Warming

Antarctica is the fastest warming place on Earth, the apparent results of global warming. 60 Minutes on CNBC investigates.

#5 Gambling’s Aces : Tuesday, February 1st:

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The Cheaters

When the online poker players suspected cheating on two popular Internet sites, they are forced to take matters into their own hands…launching their own investigation.

Profile of Steve Wynn

An in-depth interview with Steve Wynn, the Las Vegas developer credited with the resurgence of the Las Vegas Strip.

Illegal…and Thriving

Legalizing Internet gambling would bring billions in tax dollars to the U.S., but critics claim it corrupts young people and creates gambling addicts…that’s not stopping the estimated 12 million Americans already doing it.

#6 Bernard Madoff Schemes: Tuesday February 8th:

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The Man Who Knew

An interview with Harry Markopolis, a Boston financial analyst and fraud investigator who repeatedly told the Securities and Exchange Commission that Wall Street financier Bernanrd Madoff’s investment fund was a fraud…he was ignored.

The Liquidator

Meet the team responsible for recovering the $18 billion in assets from the Ponzi scheme perpetrated by Bernard Madoff, court-appointed trustee Irving Picard and his chief council David Sheehan.

Pigeon Fever

60 Minutes on CNBC reports on how Ponzi schemers are still finding victims, or “pigeons” even in the wake of the Bernie Madoff affair.

#7 Science & Money : Tuesday, February 15th:

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The Cost of Dying

60 Minutes on CNBC reports on the high cost of end-of-life care and the explosive political debate surrounding health care.

Are They Safe?

Are everyday plastics dangerous to you health? 60 Minutes on CNBC investigates the questions surrounding the safety of chemicals found in plastics and their effects on humans and fetuses.


60 Minutes on CNBC reports on the controversy over the practice of biotech companies patenting of specific human genes.

#8 The Inventors : Tuesday, February 22nd:

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Going Smokeless

With the rise in smoking bans and the plunge in cigarette sales, companies like R.J. Reynold and Philip Morris introduce new, hip, smokeless tobacco products.

The Bloom Box

What if there was a power source that was inexpensive and clean, with no emissions? One Silicon Valley firm says they’ve invented it…it’s a little power plant-in-a-box and they want to install these devices in your backyard, literally.

Marty’s Big Idea

In 1973 Marty Cooper, an engineer for Motorola, made a amazing phone call from a New York City street, but he didn’t use a pay phone, he used the gadget he created…a cell phone. 60 Minutes on CNBC has Marty’s story.

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