The fifth season of "American Greed"will premiere on Wednesday, January 19th at 10pm and will repeat that evening at 1am. Fourteen new episodes (#37-#50) will air on Wednesdays at 10pm and 1am.

The previous week's show will repeat at 9pm and 12am on Wednesdays and episodes #1-#36 from prior seasons will air at 8pm.

01/19/2011: American Greed #37 – Stephen Trantel: A Wall Street trader turns to robbing banks to make ends meet.

01/26/2011: American Greed #38 – Troy A. Titus: An “asset protection” guru steals millions from the famous, elderly and sick.

02/02/2011: American Greed #39 – Tri Energy: An international “diplomat” brokers a fake gold deal to fund his dreams of stardom.

02/09/2011: American Greed #40 – TJX/Albert Gonzalez: A group of hackers live it up and decide to “get rich or die tryin’.”

02/16/2011: American Greed #41 – Robert McLean: A country boy heads down a deadly path, stealing millions to fund his favorite causes.

02/23/2011: American Greed #42 – Scott Rothstein: A high-flying Florida lawyer steals billions to fuel his lifestyle.

03/09/2011: American Greed #43 – Danny Pang –and– The Bling Ring: A group of wannabe-celebs makesoff with millions from Hollywood’s rich and famous.

03/16/2011: American Greed #44 – Alberto Vilar –and– William Del Biaggio: A rising business star buys an NHL team with stolen money.

03/23/2011: American Greed #45 – Sholom Rubashkin: The head of a kosher slaughterhouse uses unorthodox methods to make money.

03/30/2011: American Greed #46 – Art Williams Jr.: The $10 million “king of counterfeit” money lives it up.

04/06/2011: American Greed #47 – Stefan Wilson –and– Lawrence Salander: A famous art dealer cons New York high society out of millions.

04/20/2011: American Greed #48 – Marc Dreier: A superstar attorney impersonates an executive to bilk hedge funds out of millions.

04/27/2011: American Greed #49 – Kenneth Ira Starr –and– Arthur Nadel: A financial advisor steals from celebrity clients, funding his and his ex-stripper wife’s lifestyle.

05/04/2011: American Greed #50 – Mark Weinberger: An esteemed doctor turns to white-collar crime and becomes a most-wanted fugitive.

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