50 Cent Talks Technology and Investments at CES

At a convention filled with tech execs and gadget geeks, a rap superstar with an entourage draws a serious crows and turns a lot of heads. None other than 50 Cent, aka Curtis Jackson is here at CES, and sat down with me for an interview.

50 Cent on Power Lunch
Photo by Oliver Quallia for cnbc.com
50 Cent on Power Lunch

Here at CES he unveiled his new headphones — "Sleek by 50" — which use a new technology to provide the same quality sound from wireless headphones as from wired ones.

They don't have a release date but they're set to cost $350 and will hit stores later this year.

This move to sell headphones follows in the footsteps of Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, and Diddy.

But 50 Cent is also continuing to invest in music, late last year launching G Note records. I asked why he would launch a new music venture when album sales were off 13 percent last year. He says G Note is about taking his music interests broader than just rap — he'll produce R&P and Pop music. He says music sales are down but music enjoyment is up.

The artist also says musicians are making money in a different way now — instead of making money, they're leveraging their profile to be entrepreneurs in other areas, citing Lady Gaga's partnership with Polaroid.

Where's 50 putting his money right now?

He told us about his investment in Gunner Optix, an eyewear company also backed by venture capitalist and Facebook board member Peter Thiel.

CES 2011 - Your Digital Life - A CNBC Special Report
CES 2011 - Your Digital Life - A CNBC Special Report

He's recently invested in Gunner Optix, which is also backed by Peter Theil. The company creates eyeglasses that prevent you from straining your eyes from looking at electronic screens or playing video games.

(He must be seeing dollar signs as he surveys the 3D screens at CES.)

He talked about his stint shoveling snow during the New York blizzard — his business acumen seems to apply to any number of businesses.

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