Cramer’s on the Road Again—to Detroit

As record numbers of investors sit on the sidelines, Cramer continues his effort to encourage people to re-embrace the spirit of capitalism and take charge of their financial future by getting back into the market.

“Mad Money w/ Jim Cramer” is taking its “Invest in America” series on the road and heads to the heart of American industry, highlighting the time-tested, enduring companies that are the pistons of our nation’s economic engine and recovery. The series seeks to inspire confidence and celebrate the best America has to offer: the icons every citizen can put hope and stock into as the leaders of our shared economic renewal.

On Wednesday, Jan. 12 at 6PM & 11PM ET, CNBC will broadcast a special edition of “Mad Money” from Ford's Dearborn Truck Plant body shop in Michigan before a studio audience of employees from across the company. The program will feature a special edition of the famous “Lightning Round” with rapid-fire answers to investing questions from audience members.

“The automobile represents the essence of what it means to be American, including freedom, choice and innovation,” said Jim Cramer. “And Ford represents another distinctly American ideal: resolve. The resolve to pick oneself up, dust off and get back out there. Ford’s current story closely parallels that of the average American—one of economic hardship, a struggle to survive, but ultimately wherewithal to come back stronger than ever.”

“Mad Money” has been highlighting the very best ways to “Invest in America” since 2008. Click here for a list of Cramer’s Top 10 American Companies.

“Our ‘Invest in America’ series has always been an important theme on ‘Mad Money’ and is part of the program's very foundation,” said Regina Gilgan, executive producer of “Mad Money w/Jim Cramer.” “We are excited to take ‘Mad Money’ on the road to Michigan for Cramer to be face-to-face with the workers who are driving our nation's recovery.”

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