Waking up With Nicole Lapin


Get up—it's a busy day. Here's what you've missed while you were sleeping and what you need to know to carpe this Manic Monday:

SOFT: China's trade figures shocked. Surplus came in 35% smaller than expected; export growth were weak and imports jumped.

OIL: Watch crude. The Trans-Alaska Pipeline remains shut down after a leak was found on Saturday.

BUYING SPREE: DuPont buying Danisco. Duke buying Progress Energy.

WHO WILL BUY?: Portugal is coming to market with $1.6 billion in debt today. Yields rise above 7% on the 10-year.

NO, DANKE: Lisbon says Germany is not pressuring Portugal to take a bailout.

CALIFORNICATION: Gov. Jerry Brown will unveil his budget today- trying to close a $6 billion budget gap and a $19 billion 2012 shortfall.

GOLD: Spot gold loves EZ debt concerns, picking up today after falling 3.5% for the first week of the year.

VROOM: The Detroit Auto Show revs up with a battle for the hot wheels spotlight: Foreign v. American. Porsche/VW are back for the first time since '07.

A IS FOR: Alcoa. Happy Earnings season.

RED: Shanghai tanked, Euro pressure and Futures are lower. Strap in.