What's On: Detroit Auto Show, GM, Ford, Cali's Budget

Here's what's up on Monday's Squawk on the Street:

--The Detroit Auto Show gets rolling. We're talking about General Motors and the company's new cars. We're talking about Ford and the company's new cars. Honda and Toyota also on our list, should they be on your's? Plus we're also checking out companies like Johnson Controls, Magna International and Exide Technologies.

--By the way, since GM's IPO, they're up 17 percent, Ford's up 9 percent in the same time frame. Which do you think will perform better over the next quarter? Share your opinion.

--Also coming up, the CEO of a company that says he just can't find workers to hire. Carlisle is looking for a few good men and women ... find out all about it.

--Californians could be in for a big shocker when they see Governor Jerry Brown's budget plan. We'll get a look ahead.

--Also on the big show, the next financial domino that could fall in Europe and making soda and money at the same time.

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