New Year, Old BlackBerry

As I return from a week of vacation to tackle the new year with my usual short-lived gusto, I'm happy to report that during the first week of 2011, I did the following:

1) Started P90xagain (It's like giving birth to a second child — you forget how much it hurt the first time).

2) Picked up a book ( "THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE" — I'm not done yet, don't say anything!!!)

3) Had the car detailed after my earlier Mocha-fiasco-which-nearly-destroyed-my-Blackberry incident. When the detailer told me it would take four to five hours, I did something people in LA never do. I walked home. Eight miles. I don't need to do that again.


Overall, not bad!


The Blackberry still needs some work, as this self-portrait I snapped this morning shows.

I can't seem to remove all the mocha residue from the camera lens.

But at least it's working. Unlike what happened to this guy.

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