Kanjorski on Jamie Dimon: 'I Took His Ass on and I Won'

Sen. Paul Kanjorski
Bill Clark | Roll Call | Getty Images
Sen. Paul Kanjorski

Former Rep. Paul Kanjorski may have been a victim of the November electoral “shellacking” handed out to him and his fellow Democrats, but in his mind he took one big prize down with him: JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon.

Kanjorski, a 13-term Democrat and senior Finance Committee member from northeastern Pennsylvania, bragged in a recent interview with local media that he took on the omnipotent Dimon and won.

In an interview with the Scranton Times, Kanjorski was asked why he decided to run for re-election in the face of so much anti-incumbent fervor last year.

“It’s no heroic thing, but I could have just as easily walked away. I could have taken a job on Wall Street for millions,” said the congressman who wrote a good portion of the Dodd-Frank financial services reform bill, particularly the part addressing too-big-to-fail banks. “I was their greatest scourge, for Christ’s sake.”

Addressing his specific battle grappling with the titans of the Street, Kajorski thumped his chest, insisting, “I was the guy that stuck my thumbs in all their eyes.

“There were guys like Jamie Dimon, they’ll never forget me…He’s probably considered the most powerful banker in the world and I took his ass on and I defeated him. Not openly, nobody in the public knew…He tried to lead a cause to stop the Kanjorski amendment and the Volcker rule of incredible portions.”

The former congressman used part of the interview to browbeat the local media for not focusing more on his national achievements.

No doubt, he was a frequent guest on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” program and probably more influential than given credit by the folks back home, who were more concerned with rampant governmental fraud by area Democrats.

Kanjorski lost in his third face-off against Republican Louis Barletta, who had become a tea party favorite for his crusade against illegal immigration.

No word from Dimon, meanwhile, on how he feels regarding his perceived epic beatdown by Kanjorski. Attempts to contact him were unsuccessful.


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