After Danisco, What's DuPont's Next Takeover Target?

Having vowed to boost 's position in the fast-growing food sector, CEO Ellen Kullman "stayed true to her word" with the "brillant" acquisition of Danish food ingredients and enzymes firm Daniscofor $5.8 billion, Cramer said on Monday's Stop Trading!.

The 55-year-old executive said she wanted to increase food production and decrease fossil fuels and that's just what she's getting with this deal, said the "Mad Money" host. Kullman has also stated that she wants "to protect lives," noted Cramer, so he wonders what her next takeout target will be.

Regardless, he thinks the DuPont now deserves a higher multiple in light of the deal. He likes the stock at current levels.

Elsewhere in the market, U.S. and international sanctions targeting Tehran's nuclear ambitions has complicated how India will pay Iran for oil. The Economic Times, however, reports that India may seek to pay Iran in gold instead of using its own currency. This, Cramer said, is just another example that proves gold is a currency and now a commodity.

Although gold has been down for the past week, he noted the precious metal has trended upward for the past 10 years. He thinks gold has more room to the upside.

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