This Market's Bullishness Should Not Be Doubted

Over and over again, the same old news is rallying the market from the lows. It's true bull market behavior we haven't seen in a decade, Cramer said Monday.

Case in point: Apple . For some time, we've known that Verizon is going to start shipping its own iPhone. On the expectation an official announcement would soon be made, shares of Apple rallied last week. The announcement was made on Friday, but instead of the stock selling off on Monday, it rallied again.

Ford Motor is another stock that's continued to rally old news. For some time, we've known about its push for more fuel efficient cars, but the stock rallied again when an official announcement was made at the Detroit Auto Show on Monday. Cramer noted that the Auto Show hasn't moved auto stocks in some time.

Shares of Netflix rallied after an interview CEO Reed Hastings was published online, where announced plans to soon expand internationally. But that news, Cramer said, wasn't really news at all.

"Don't let the last decade of underperformance poison your thinking," Cramer said Monday. "When stocks go up on stuff we already knew, that's not idiocy, it's a sign that we're in a genuine bull market."

When this post was published, Cramer's charitable trust owned Apple.

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