Waking up With Nicole Lapin


Up and at 'em! Here's what you missed overnight and what you need to know to rock the Tuesday casbah:

DIAMOND: Barclays CEO testifying in UK says the bank is not too big to fail. So, what's he gonna do with the bonus? He's not sure yet.

GREECE: 26-week T-bill auction yields at 4.90%; bid-to-cover ratio 3.4 v previous 5.15.

GREECE 2: ECB intervened in the market, buying 5 and 10 year Portugese bonds. Gov't officials are on bailout damage control today.

SPREADS: The EZ periphery is widening—watch Spain, Italy, Portugal and Belgium

JAPUROPE: Churope was so yesterday, now Japan pledges to buy 20% of EZ bonds.

TIGHT: Get ready for more tightening measures, PBoC says its way over its bank loan and money growth targets—a leap of $199 billion in forex reserves.

OUT: AMD CEO Dick Meyer resigned after 3-years at the helm. The CFO will be chipmaking in the interim.

OZ: Goldman is letting up on 63-pages of its secret sauce today. Details on how much $ is generated through prop trading should show up in Q4 numbers- they report next Wednesday.

SLICK: The BP spill commission releases its final report today, likely to raise the cap on oil companies' offshore spill liabilities.

ABOUT TIME: Verizon will start selling the iPhone on their 3G CDMA network. At&t disses: "I'm not sure iPhone users are ready for life in the slow lane." Can you hear me now?! Ouch.