Live Blog: Verizon's iPhone Announcement

Verizon Wireless
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Verizon Wireless

Editor's Note: This was a live blog from New York City's Rose Theatre where Verizon announced it will begin selling the Apple iPhone in its stores February, 2011. You can read how the announcement unfolded by reading from the bottom to the top.

11:44 AM/ET: It was all as expected from Verizon . The iPhone4 will be available in early February at price points equivalent to the AT&T version.

Many questions remain: how many customers will be jump from AT&T to Verizon? How many CDMA units can Apple produce and sell? And what does the all mean for the iPhone 5? But that's for another day.

11:30 AM/ET: Tim Cook continues to harp on one point... that despite the success and hypotheticals surrounding the iPhone, the #1 question he receives is "When is the iPhone coming to Verizon?"

And with that, the event concludes.

Cook: "This is the start of something big."

11:28 AM/ET: ...and for those wondering, the Verizon phone will have the same limitations when it comes to simultaneous data/voice use that other Verizon/CDMA phones do. No breakthrough there.

There is an additional feature in this device: a personal hotspot, which can connect up to five devices.

11:26 AM/ET: Oh, and Antennagate! When asked about any changes in the design, Cook merely responds by explaining that the antenna has been adapted to fit the needs of CDMA technology.

11:23 AM/ET: When asked about the refresh cycle (when will Verizon users get the iPhone 5), Cook answers that Apple doesn't comment on future devices, timelines, et al.

...and why isn't this 4G-compatible? The companies clarify that they wanted to offer Verizon customers access to the iPhone "now."

11:22 AM/ET: That is the same price as ATT.

There was talk it would be more expensive.

11:19 AM/ET: $199 for the 16gb model and $299 for the 32gb model. Both come attached w/ a two-year contract (no details yet on plan pricing).

With that, the lights go up, Tim Cook returns to join Dan Mead and Q&A begins.

11:18 AM/ET: February 3rd, Verizon Wireless customers will have exclusive opportunity to preorder the phone.

On Feb 10, everyone will have opportunity to buy the device online and in stores.

$199 for 16gb

$299 for 32gb

11:15 AM/ET: Verizon Wireless CEO Dan Mead now replacing Cook on stage... talking about the rigorous testing the company's done and the tireless efforts devoted to strengthening the network ahead of the sure-to-be massive usage uptick that the iPhone will bring.

Lowell McAdam, Verizon President and COO
Lowell McAdam, Verizon President and COO

11:12 AM/ET: "We're incredibly pleased to give Verizon users the choice they've been waiting for," Cook says as he clarifies that the Verizon version will sharethe same features iPhone users have come to expect.

11:09 AM/ET: The iPhone 4 will be available in early February and Apple COO Tim Cook takes the stage to discuss further...

11:08 AM/ET: McAdam telling the story of the partnership... working w/ Apple since 2008 to develop a CDMA-friendly iPhone...

...and it will be available in early February.

11:07 AM/ET: ..and there it is.

Partnership w/ Apple . No more beating around the bush.

11:05 AM/ET: FiOS getting trumpeted now... and now the coming 4G mobile network. McAdam really emphasizing that Verizon is the leader in terms of quality and capacity.

11:03 AM/ET: But first...

Before getting to details of what Verizon and its "partner" have in store, McAdam begins a preamble about the innovation of bringing content with you on the move.

In case you're wondering, he's weaing a good-looking grey suit. No black shirt. No jeans.

Two women compare the new iPhone 4 (right) and an iPhone 3 in front of Manhattan's 5th Avenue Apple Store.
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Two women compare the new iPhone 4 (right) and an iPhone 3 in front of Manhattan's 5th Avenue Apple Store.

11:00 AM/ET: Down go the lights and Lowell McAdam takes the stage to pleasant applause.

McAdam promises not to disappoint. "If the press writes something long enough and hard enough, eventually it will come true."

10:59 AM/ET: The disruption has been "pacified."

Over the loud speakers, an announcement that the event is about the begin.

10:57 AM/ET: As we await the beginning of the event, there's a comedy of an audience full of reporters using AT&T iPhones . By all accounts, the service is excellent... and Verizon's been kind enough to steer us to free wifi.

The room is mostly distracted by a Daily Showcorrespondent shouting profanities.


Security does not look happy.

We're here in New York, inside the Rose Theater at "Jazz at Lincoln Center," (which really isn't IN Lincoln Center, but that's a whole 'nother thing), awaiting news from Verizon on the long-awaited arrival of a CDMA-friendly Apple iPhone .

Verizon President and COO Lowell McAdam will take the stage shortly to shed light on the not-so-tightly held secret.

Even so, many questions remain.

Questions? Comments?